Artist’s Bio

Stephanie displayed artistic talent at a very early age. She was influenced by her mother who was a fashion designer in New York City. Stephanie’s mother put her in private art lessons at 8 years old. Then at 10 years old Stephanie began oil painting. Stephanie spent much of her childhood in art lessons and was very encouraged by her parents to pursue art.

In 1995, Stephanie attended UCLA with a major in design. Then in 1996 she transferred to The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) School of Art to study in a more traditional art school. Stephanie’s dream was to become a character animator for Disney. Michigan’s art school offered core life drawing skills necessary for that type of career. Stephanie majored in painting and scientific illustration. Scientific Illustration combined Stephanie’s love of nature and drawing in one discipline. It was a great way for Stephanie to study animal life and expand her repertoire. During her summers off, Stephanie became an intern at MTV Animation in NYC. It was there she learned to animate and got her foot in the door in the industry.

Upon graduation, Stephanie moved back to New York City where she was briefly employed by J. J. Sedelmaier Productions after which, Stephanie was turned on to a job at MTV Interactive. Based on Stephanie’s self taught Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills, she was hired as a production assistant doing website maintenance and junior designer tasks. It was at MTV Interactive where Stephanie learned how to program beginning HTML and built her first website along with a Beavis and Butthead archive website.

Six months later, a job opened up for Stephanie at MTV Animation on a series called “SpyGroove.” Stephanie inked for SpyGroove for over a year before the show was cancelled. Following that job, Stephanie was hired at Tape House Toons in NYC and had the opportunity to do character design and assistant animation for Saturday Night Live shorts, Robert Smigel’s TV Fun House, Ambigously Gay Duo, and Disney’s Lizzy McGuire. While she was working at Tape House Toons, Stephanie began pursuing her master’s degree in figurative painting at the New York Academy of Art in lower Manhattan.



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